Fat Club Result

I haven’t mentioned to yet but I go to Fat Cub aka Weight Watchers. Now, I’ve not had the greatest of weeks due to my little sister tootling off to South East Asia for the next five months so there has been a number of outings to say goodbye and all that = not on plan….

Well, I put on half a pound.

I just wanted to punch myself in the face, cry a little bit and also just wait for someone to scream out ‘WHY ARE YOU SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT?’

I also had quite an in depth conversation with my friend this morning over coffee before Fat Club and he just kept saying that if I gave up the booze then I wouldn’t overeat. I didn’t want to tell him that he was right. Every time I drink, everything I know I SHOULD do goes right out of the window and I feel that I’m invincible to food and nothing will have any effect. So the drinking needs to go out of the window and welcome to my world as a sober individual until I can get my weight under control.

Does losing weight have to mean you become one of the most boring people on the planet?

Quite good news is that one of those hot yoga places is opening up across the road from my flat in the next month, bring on sweating the fat out of me whilst I attempt to balance in different positions. The things we do eh?!


Here goes…

Now look away if you’re squeamish… I mean it. I’m not joking.

But this is me putting my body out there well and truely. And it’s bloody scary to be honest. This is where I have to look at myself brutally honest and realise that I can’t hide, can’t fake it and I can’t go on looking like this.


And this is what I’m battling against – fingers crossed I get to December and can look at these photos and think that I’m nowhere near as bad as this.

Realistically, it can only get better.

6 months to go….

Actually it’s 6 months and 2 days if we are going to be precise.

So here’s the situation I seemed to have landed myself in – I woke up on January 2nd this year and realised that this year was the year that I wanted to do something different that meant that I didn’t leave 2012 like a complete failure, well, so far I have been a failure.

Not only that but over the Christmas period my Dad decided to propose to my step mum and that’s that. Hello wedding on December 29th 2012, and I’m a sodding bridesmaid. It would make such a difference if my three sister (biog and step) weren’t all teeny tiny human beings with ridiculously high levels of metabolism. In animal terms, they are all cheetahs and I’m a sloth.

Back in January, I imagined that I would by now be at least 2 stone lighter, I am a total of 2 pounds heavier. So you can see that this plan isn’t going very well, not at all. I have to drag myself out this lull that I seemed to have got myself into and I stupidly thought that starting a blog may get me to focus on the task at hand.

And this is where you lot come in, I’m hoping in time, people will be interested enough in the little task I have at hand and may start following me and see how I’m getting on. Or it am be a case of people sitting there reading this going, this girl is a bit nuts. Well, I’m not fussed which it is really but I decided to do it. I would a regular bollocking as well if I don’t keep updating it.

Tonight when I get home, I’m forcing myself into a horrible pair of shorts, a vest top and I am going to take horrible pictures as well as record my measurements and put them out there. Out there so they are no longer secret and I can’t get pretending that it will magically get better.

Get used to my rumblings as this blog is going to be all about me and this pesky weight which I am desperate to get off!!