What a week!

All I can do is echo the title of this post – what a week!

Sorry for the delay in updating this but last week was absolutely manic. I got back not work to more work than could have imagined and it didn’t end there. I was out most nights of last week. It was fairly intense I can tell you!

Update for you is that I went to WI and put on 2.5lbs. Just when I thought that I could finally get rid of some of this weight for good, I just put it back on. This is just getting a bit depressing.

Going out a lot last week was not helpful at all and it was mostly work occasions but nevertheless, it meant that I went out of sync after the previous week of being an absolute angel when I was on holiday. Rah!!

And I spent the weekend starting my baking business, and I can safely tell you when you have made 60 cupcakes and iced all of them, it puts you right off anything sweet. Honestly. But it was a great success and I definitely think I may have got some new customers from it 🙂

Now onto my family whom I love dearly but sometimes want to strangle. I went and saw my Grandma yesterday who is very young for a grandma with a 25 year old granddaughter, she’s not even 70 yet! I saw her and she informed me that my Uncle has lost 21 pounds in the past month. 21 lbs!! What is he doing?! She just said “I reckon you should go and talk to him about helping you lose weight” My god, I wanted to strangle her. I am trying but I’m just feeling more and more like a failure at the moment. This week I’m going to track, point and exercise my ass off and let’s see what happens on Saturday!

Wish me luck, I feel I may need it this week.


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