Another week and more motivation

And I’m back on the losing bandwagon. Man alive, I’m up and down like a bloody yo-yo! But then that’s what happens on this wonderful thing call the weight loss adventure.

I’ve just returned from a long weekend sailing with my grandparents and I bet you’re all thinking ‘Amazing! You got to be active all weekend so you can’t have screwed it up that badly’ Did you know that after a 5 hour sail, you can easily sit down to a three course dinner and then a number of bottles of wine because you feel you “deserve it”?!? That’s exactly what happened! But I think the balance of being active and eating quite a lot hasn’t been that and I’ve managed to pull it back a little bit.

One thing that happened over the weekend is that I saw my Uncle, who is a very nice bloke but does think he is ALWAYS right. And after a visit to the doctors, they informed him that he needed to lose some serious weight as his weight could lead to heart problems and could mean that he wasn’t allowed to fly planes (he’s a pilot for the RAF) so he got his act together. He’s lost 32 lbs in the past 6 weeks. It’s incredible but it’s also made him very self-righteous.

Now, all weekend, I wanted to put him back in his box but I don’t think he realises how hard it is for me sometimes not to put food into my mouth as my automatic emotional crutch. Sometimes I think boys brains are simply wired completely differently to ours!

I am back and focused on getting there with the weight loss goal. I have a total of 10 days until I’m off to a local festival near me for a week and I want to lose and feel differently before I go.




Bit of a wobble

So in the past week I’ve had a fairly massive wobble on whether or not I would be able to complete this challenge in front of me. My motivation has been all over the shop and I mainly blame that on my wonderful girlie time of the month for sending my hormones into some kind of catastrophic mess.

This is the way I described to some friends:

I feeling like I’m never going to beat this at the moment! I tracked yesterday and went over by 10 points. I look at the weekend and I definitely wasn’t an angel then either. I just feel like the moment I get the motivation and have a week where I either don’t lose or don’t’ feel like I’ve lost then I plummet into this horrible depressed phase for a couple of days and slowly pull myself out of it! I just feel like such a yo-yo at the moment and I’m nowhere closer to losing the weight I need to lose ahead of the wedding now, than I was back in January. It’s literally mortifying.

At the weekend, I seriously considered starting going on the Cambridge Diet. That’s how upset I have been. And going to hot yoga and looking at myself in the mirror has just made me feel bloody dreadful.

It was one of those complete rock bottom moments when I wasn’t sure I could back up again but thanks to a very wonderful group of WW friends; Nichola, Emma, Pauline and Tracy, I definitely wouldn’t be back in the mindset.

What I think the main focus of this blog should be about surrouding yourself with people who really understand the need for your journey when you’re losing weight. I honestly could never do this without the people that sit there and scream ‘YOU CAN DO THIS’ at the moments when I’m at my weakest. If you surround yourself with people that say ‘You don’t need to lose weight, you’re as beautiful as you are’ then they’re not going to stop your creeping into temptation and when you’re sitting at rock bottom, they’ll go ‘Don’t worry hunny, you’ll feel better soon’ instead of the ones that bombard you with meal plans to make sure you stay on track.

For those following Weight Watchers or any other plan, I have to say the Weight Watchers forums are an amazing place to meet like-minded people who are all on the same journey and all want you to suceed.

And for those having a bad day, GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDE AND MAKE IT BETTER! Ha ha – the positivity and motivation from some of my best friends is starting to rub off on me.