Lunch-time Reading

Sitting here this lunch time eating my healthy-ish lunch (Jacket potato, cheese, chicken and salad – I know I could have done without the cheese!) and I read this headline…

How a desk job can make you fat: Bored office workers gain a stone a year by gorging on unhealthy snacks

Now, I have to agree to a certain extent that sitting at a desk for 9 hours a day isn’t the most conducive environment to be in and it’s even worse when you have to go into a number of meetings with biscuits and also when spare meeting food comes floating past your desk – and it’s not platters of fruit and raw veg – it’s mini pastries, biscuits and shortbread. Killer.

Honestly, I think one of my main issues is also being pressured into eating things I KNOW I shouldn’t because people around me are. God, I work in a place where stick insects have the highest metabolisms and can quite happily munch away on a load of mini pastries and then eat their salad at lunch, go out for cocktails and don’t find time for the gym. SERIOUSLY? Are you joking?! I have to sit here and weigh out my food before the beginning of the day and watch the little miss perfects in the office enjoy whatever they want. It is ever so slightly depressing.

Not only that but it’s my family. Now, I love my family – don’t get me wrong. But they do not help at the best of times. Last night we had a leaving dinner for my sister which consisted of an Indian takeaway and that did not go down well for me. Hello most of a chicken tikka mossalla, half a naan and rice. And poppadums. Grr..

So my little sister left today to go off travelling for 6 months to SE Asia and jealous is an understatement of how I feel because of how BEAUTIFUL she looks in everything she wears. She has this lovely, figure where she has lumps in the right places but she’s not too skinny. So my aim is for her to come back and see me all tiny and it’s another little goal!

New trainers haven’t yet been used but tonight they are getting broken in by a nice 5k interval jog post work and I currently don’t give a monkeys on what the weather is doing.