On holiday!

Morning all

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to update my blog last week, work went mental and I am now on holiday! Hoorah! And due to going away my life seemed into warp speed as I got everything done before I went. I think that says a lot about why I needed a holiday to be honest.

I have a confession to make: I didn’t go to Fat Club on Saturday. I just didn’t want to go. I hadn’t felt like I had lost weight and basically became a chicken and decided to bury my head in the sand. How stupid do I feel?! But a confession is the first step.

Now, I am on holiday with one of my oldest friends, who just like me has always struggled with her weight loss and I know who is trying to lose weight ahead of starting a new teaching post in September. This is great for me! I am not going to surrounded by lots of temptations and trying to get creamy, carb heavy dinners or anything but I think there is a line. This holiday kinda feels like a detox from my normal life, and I know that is in a way a good thing but at the same time, I want to scream ‘I’m on holiday!!!’ and want a few treats.

I think this week will be a good demonstration for me on how little I actually need to eat to feel full and I’m hoping I learn something from this. I am aiming for a size 12 by christmas and all that!!

One massive positive is that I am getting an amazing tan! What is it about being bronzed that makes you feel so much prettier?

Thought I would share the view that I’m currently enjoying as well. Not to make you jealous or anything…